Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy 13th Anniversary to us!


Maria and I were wed 13 years ago this afternoon by Boone County Clerk Lisa Garoffolo in the rotunda of the Boone County Courthouse in Lebanon, Ind.

It was only fitting, since Maria has a passion (and I used that word rarely and only when I think it’s appropriate) for quilting, that we were married beneath the Boone County Bicentennial Quilt that hangs above the rotunda.

She is the loveliest, wittiest, smartest, most intuitive, strongest woman I have ever known and the only woman who really gets me. She can ride motorcycles, shoot guns, yank rattlesnakes (baby ones, that is) by the tail, write prizewinning stories and editorials, shoot prizewinning photos, manage a newsroom full of eccentric journalists or a classroom full of ADHD sixth-graders, survive years of misogynistic abuse from men not fit to run a newspaper, and still charm me with my mother’s recipes for ham loaf and pumpkin pie.

She impresses me anew every. Single. Day. And I think she kinda likes me too.

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