Thursday, May 15, 2014

The wedge guy


I don’t remember his name, but his daughter Jackie worked at The Indianapolis News and was married to Mike Davis, also a Newsie.

He ran a business in Centerville, Ind., just west of Richmond, that made wood wedges – the kind that get pounded into the business end of hammer, hatchet and axe handles to keep the metal parts from falling off.

I did a story about him and his business for The News sometime in the 1970s and shot these photos. I should have had the worker take off his hat so we could see his face in the photo.


The company had been in business for several years because I found a classified ad for it in a 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics online.

I figured it was time to blog these photos after I noticed I have a recurring visitor from Centerville. So far as I know, this guy and his daughter are the only people I’ve ever met from Centerville.

(BTW, it’s hard to beat daylight through a window for shooting environmental portraits.)

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