Sunday, May 04, 2014



I was listening to a version of “The Terraplane Blues” the other day and found myself wondering what a Terraplane looked like.

The Terraplane was an economy priced car made in the mid to late 1930s by Hudson and the examples I found on Google Images blew my mind.

Remember when Chrysler introduce the retro-looking PT Cruiser in 2000? They couldn’t build them fast enough to keep up with initial demand and buyers were so eager to get one that they were paying sticker price. Over the next 10 years, Chrysler sold 1.3 million PT Cruisers.

I firmly believe that if an automaker had the vision to build a Terraplane clone with today’s electronics and advanced mechanical and safety features, the demand would be truly astonishing.

I can guarantee that I’d want one.

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