Saturday, October 06, 2012

More than a half-century ago…


For no particular reason, I found myself thinking about my high school yearbook, the Oracle (Delphi High School, Delphi, Ind.) and the practice of subsidizing the annual publication through the sales of ads to local businesses.

And this photo came to mind. It’s senior Bill Waymire appearing to pick the lock on the front door of the local bank, the Union Bank & Trust Co. on a snowy day in the winter of 1959-60.

Checking the Delphi alumni website, I see that Bill earned a degree in aeronautical engineering technology from Purdue University in 1964 and served as a U.S. Army intelligence specialist in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Md. He was a retired plant manager from REA Magnet Wire in Buena Vista, Va. and he died at his home in Lafayette, Ind., in January, 2004 at the age of 61.

I was a freshman when he was a senior and remember him as one of the coolest of the upperclassmen.

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