Thursday, October 04, 2012

Feeling better, thanks

simpsons_nelson_haha2I’m over my apocalyptic doom depression, for awhile at least.

I got in nice rides on both of my BMWs this morning and it isn’t even noon yet.

I rode the K65S to the post office, brought the mail home, and rode the K1200GT down to Panera where I picked up a couple of four cheese souffles for our breakfast.

But I suspect it was last night’s presidential debate that set the tone for an upbeat morning. Everybody seems to agree with my perception that President Obama imploded last night and Mitt Romney mopped the floor with him.

For me, the most significant analysis came from one of Obama’s minions speaking on FOX News when he opined that Romney won on style points but Obama had better arguments.

Guess what, Skippy. If you win on style points, nothing else matters.

I’m old enough to remember the Kennedy-Nixon debates in the 1960 campaign where the consensus was that Kennedy kicked Nixon’s ass. But most of the people who listened to the debates on the radio thought Nixon won. The visual impression of the candidates – style – came through to the TV audience, just as it did last night, making Kennedy then, and Romney now, the clear winners.

And just for the record, I thought Romney’s arguments had far more merit than Obama’s lame, worn-out talking points.

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