Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another reason to dislike the mainstream media

Here’s an interesting piece from Bryan Preston at PJ Media:

During the second presidential debate, President Obama uttered a line so full of ignorance that, if he were a Republican, it would be all anyone talked about afterward. Mitt Romney noted that gas prices are roughly double now what they were when Obama took office. Obama replied that gas prices were so low because the U.S. economy was about to go into collapse.

Obama never mentioned the effect of supply or demand on the price. He never mentioned the effect that Middle East instability has on the price of gas. He never mentioned that the mere possibility of an energy giant like the U.S. making the public decision to get serious about energy independence can bring prices down. He never allowed that his own energy policies have had any detrimental effect.

He blamed a collapse that had not happened yet for prices that had been lower for years than they are now.

What an economic buffoon.

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