Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gloom and doom on a sunny afternoon

I’ve had a strong sense of foreboding all year, probably set off by the coming end of the Mayan calendar.

I’d pretty much gotten past the Mayan apocalypse scare, but there are other things that provide plenty of material for my subconscious to chew on and worry about.

Like the Nov. 6 presidential election. My gut tells me that Dick Morris is right – it will be a Romney blowout because:

  1. Not a single person who voted to John McCain last time is going to switch over to Obama, and
  2. The past four years have killed the enthusiasm of Obama’s base and empowered conservatives to take back their country, e.g., the 2010 midterm elections, and
  3. Despite the mainstream media’s refusal to cover stories that make the administration look bad, the word is getting out about the debacle in Libya, the “green” boondoggle, and more recently Univision’s coverage of more Fast & Furious guns turning up at crime scenes, and, of course border insecurity as underscored by the murder of another Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

But the spectre of our country going down the drain with another four years of unconstitutional corruption won’t go away and it is deeply unsettling.

And then there are any number of people predicting the collapse of the dollar and, with it, the world economic structure. (Yes, I bought some silver, but probably not nearly enough.)

We have a friend who has stockpiled more than a year’s worth of food and water, guns and ammo, and fuel at a secluded hideout, if we have to go into full survivalist mode. We’re invited to her shelter, so that’s some consolation.

Then today I found myself watching a History Decoded episode in which the Rosicrucians – known to me mainly through their Ephemeris publications for astrology – are said to be predicting apocalyptic solar flares either this year or next as part of a 13,000-year solar cycle.

The consequence supposedly is the destruction of all electronic devices and the end of civilization as we all try to function without the necessities of life.

Lump that on top of personal and family turmoil swirling around us and you can see how I have a hard time envisioning a good outcome for us all.

Oh, yeah, and the New Madrid Fault just a few miles northeast of us is overdue for a cataclysmic earthquake.

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