Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting unblocked


lucas fuel treatmentAfter sitting in our driveway for about 10 months with a dead battery, my ‘94 Honda del Sol fired right up this afternoon.

That is after I went to AutoZone and bought a $100 battery and a bottle of Lucas Fuel Treatment.

I’ve been wanting to get it ready to sell for months but shifting scenarios of other people needing it and my lack of willingness to spend money on a new battery kept me blocked.

And I was worried about the quality of the gas in the tank, since I didn’t bother to add fuel stabilizer when I abandoned the del Sol in favor of the Lexus late last year. I had visions of a hopelessly inert piece of junk with no resale value sitting in the driveway for another six months or longer.

I got unblocked yesterday afternoon when our neighbor said one of his coworkers is interested in buying it. Well, I’m interested in a new camera and in getting this unused vehicle out of our driveway and off of our car insurance policy.

In the meantime, we did some serious reorganizing of the space in the garage, making it possible to move around with much greater ease. We still can’t get a car in the garage, but the bikes have more room.

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