Thursday, March 29, 2012


gannett benefits

As a retiree from a Gannett newspaper (The Indianapolis Star), I get a life insurance benefit from the company.

Today’s mail brought a form in which I am asked to provide the most recent information about my designated beneficiary. They thoughtfully provided a pre-addressed envelope in which to return the form.

When I sat down to complete the form just now, I noticed there is nothing there to link it to me. My name is not printed on the form, nor is there a space for me to add my name. I examined the back of the form which says, “GANNETT [Back of Designated Beneficiary Form] Please tear off this bottom portion, and send back to Gannett in the enclosed return envelope by April 15, 2012.”

So the geniuses at the Gannett Benefits Center will receive a slew of disassociated beneficiary forms and no way to connect them with the insured retirees.

But they make sure you use black ink and print clearly.


Anonymous said...

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The Oracle said...

Thanks for the spam, jackass. Your message is completely irrelevant to my situation.