Thursday, March 01, 2012

A great way to experience Spring


I took Maria’s ‘94 BMW K75S in to town this afternoon to pick up Pete’s medication from the vet’s office.

I really enjoy riding the little 750cc bike. It’s much more nimble and flickable than my 1200cc sport touring machine and, to my way of thinking, provides a more basic, elemental motorcycling experience.

It was a sunny 70 degrees when I rolled out, taking the back way to town. On the way, I passed our cattle rancher neighbor on his tractor and we exchanged waves.

Spring has arrived in the Mid-South. The flowering trees are showing their colors and there are riots of brilliant yellow daffodils everywhere. I even caught a whiff of wild onion a couple of times.

I only rode about 30 miles or so, but they were filled with wonderful sights, smells and sensations that I’ve missed during the cold weather.

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