Monday, March 26, 2012

He needs to lighten up


This is Dane (yeah, I know), the biggest dog in the Saturday morning puppy class.

Dane disgraced himself and embarrassed his owners last Saturday by copping an attitude and menacing his two Australian shepherd classmates.

When he showed up for class, he greeted Jack with growling. He made cranky noises toward Cowboy too.

The instructor suggested I take Jack for a walk-by down the aisle at the class venue – a pet food store. When Jack got within reach, Dane lunged and tried to bite him. Jack freaked out and screamed and I quickly yanked him out of danger with his leash.

Dane never has socialized with the dogs in the class. He was fearful and trembling at the first class session five weeks ago. Clearly, he has issues. We hope his owners can adjust his attitude, but we fear they won’t show up for the sixth and final session next Saturday.

Maria said he growled at her after she shot a half-dozen eye-level photos of him.

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