Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Home from the Alps


I spent about five hours in the car today, driving to Little Rock and back in constant rain to pick up my Breitling titanium Chrono Avenger that I sent in for cleaning and refurbishing back on Dec. 22.

I had to trek to Little Rock because Roberson’s Fine Jewelry is the nearest authorized Breitling dealer. They sent it home to Switzerland where the chronograph makers gave it a complete overhaul, including new hands and face. It’s like having a brand new watch. But it wasn’t cheap.

I suspect it would have been less if I hadn’t waited seven years instead of sending it in at three-year intervals.

At any rate, it’s back on my wrist and ticking away. (Yes, it’s self-winding and mechanical. No battery. Serious old school chronograph stuff.)

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