Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Collecting stamps

piggottI’m having lunch and Wifi at the McDonald’s in Corning, Ark., having ridden up to Piggott to collect the first stamp in my Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Passport.

The stamp for the Chalk Bluff Battlefield resides at the Piggott Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center which, despite the stated hours, was closed. Turns out it was closed because the Chamber is having a bit of a personnel emergency since the secretary quit without warning. I called one of the numbers posted on the door and the guy who answered showed up a few minutes later to stamp my passport.

There’s another site at Pocahontas, a relatively short distance west of Piggott, so I’m on my way to bag a second stamp before heading home.

hemingwaymuseum While in Piggott, I cruised by the house where Ernest Hemingway did some writing.

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