Tuesday, June 07, 2016

History lesson

I found this German beer stein - actually, it's a seidel because it's glass and not ceramic - on Ebay this morning with this supposed provenance: "It was previously owned by WWII "Flying Ace", SD Governor, Joe Foss who flew numerous missions in Europe."


Joe Foss served as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps exclusively in the Pacific Theatre of operations and never flew in Europe during the war. He was an ace with 26 aerial victories over the Japanese and won the Congressional Medal of Honor. After the war, he served as governor of South Dakota and president of the National Rifle Association. The seller claims to have had the seidel for 25 years. Foss died in 2003, so he must have parted with it late in his life. If he ever owned it at all.

The Marines played no significant role in the war against Germany and Italy and virtually all of their action was in the Pacific.

The are no bids on this item which starts at $75.

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