Monday, June 06, 2016

Fixing my helmet

The HJC helmet I've been wearing since September, 2011, gave me a nasty surprise a couple of weeks ago when I was riding to the European Riders Rally in Burkesville, Ky.

I had refueled at Jackson, Tenn. and was on the entrance ramp to I-40 eastbound when I snapped the visor down and suddenly realized that the left side of the visor had come loose from its baseplate. I held it in place until I could get off of the Interstate and reseat it. It held the rest of the trip, but it's the first time that has happened to me in the nearly 40 years I've been riding and it shook my confidence in the helmet.

I toyed with the idea of replacing it - after all, it's five years old. But it's a good Snell-rated helmet that has never been dropped and I figure it has another year or two of useful life left.

So I went online this afternoon and ordered new baseplates and a new visor for a total of about $45.

And I'll keep watching for another such killer deal on a $260 helmet for $50.

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