Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Good news emails this morning

I got emails from Bang & Olufsen and Victorinox this morning saying I will soon have my H8 headphones replaced and my Swiss Army knife repaired.

Kudos to B&O for their quick response, since they only received my wonky headphones on Monday afternoon. I got email correspondence from Betina U. Bertelsen at B&O saying it would be late August before they could give me a replacement set of gray hazen H8s, but I could have black leather or natural leather almost immediately. I opted for black leather and expect them from Denmark around June 29.

Victorinox says they shipped my knife today via FedEx and the FedEx tracking says I should get it tomorrow. This is the second time they've had it and, hopefully, it's finally fixed and will again have thermometer and altimeter functions.

Stay tuned. (As if you care.)

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