Friday, September 25, 2015

They’re back!


My in-ear monitors are back from being repaired and I’m a happy camper.

They are custom molded earplugs with stereo speakers and they take the tedium out of long motorcycle rides, especially on Interstates.

They were made for me in the summer of 2002 by Miami audiologist Marilyn Navia at the BMW RA Rally in Red River, N.M. (see photo below.)

Marilyn has repaired they a few times in the intervening 13 years when I clumsily yanked a wire loose. I had her upgrade them to dual drivers last winter.

The right speaker went wonky on me riding to Billings, Mont. in July. I showed them to Marilyn at the BMW MOA Rally in Billings and she asked me to send them to her in a couple of weeks when she got home from the rally circuit.

I did. She called a few weeks ago to say she was having trouble replicating the malfunction but would persevere. I guess she got it sorted out because she mailed them back to me this week.

Now I can ride to this year’s RA rally with SiriusXM satellite radio and the prompts of my Garmin Zumo 550.


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