Tuesday, September 08, 2015

It takes SpinRite a long time to sort out a 1TB hard drive


Maria’s laptop didn’t heal itself after all, so I opened it up this morning and removed the 1TB hard drive, put it into an external hard drive station and turned SpinRite loose on it.

I don’t expect to be thwarted by problems with the motherboard because it’s not working through the laptop motherboard.

SpinRite estimates the process will take 6 days and 20 hours, so my netbook will have to fill in while my desktop computer is occupied. When Maria’s hard drive is finished, I should probably run SpinRite on my desktop as a routine maintenance procedure.

It’s been hung up for about an hour with no sign of activity, except I can feel the hard drive spinning when I put my hand on it. Tim Balough reassured me that it’s not unusual for SpinRite to do that while it chews on data in a particular sector.

In the meantime, I called the audiologist in Florida who made my in-ear monitors back in the summer of 2002. The right speaker went wonky during my Montana trip. She looked at it at the BMW MOA Rally and told me to sent it to her when I got home. I did but now she can’t replicate the problem. I told her I’m not freaking 0ut, but I would like them in time for the BMW RA rally in October.

++++++++++++++ SpinRite crapped out after chewing on the same sector for nearly a whole day. I think the drive is hosed.

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