Thursday, September 03, 2015


I occasionally get products through the Amazon Vine program that my wife might use.

I let her try the product and she gives me comments that I incorporate into my review.

Recently, I shared her observations about a Black & Decker steam iron:

I got this iron for my wife, who is an avid quilter and uses an iron in the quilt-making process. Here are her observations:
"This has absolutely the most intense steam I've ever seen come out of an iron.
"The sales pitch claims it will steam wrinkles out of hanging clothes in an upright position. I did the ultimate test. I hung a linen blouse that I'd taken from the dryer without ironing and worn TWICE. The 3/4 sleeves were especially wrinkly where I bend my arms, and the whole thing looked like it had been wadded.
"The iron relaxed all the wrinkles in the arm with one blast of steam. I would never have believed it.
"The point has a brilliant taper that allows entry into smaller spaces on clothing.
I primarily use irons for quilting and have had many. This one heats incredibly fast. I could use it in under a minute, even though the signal light for full heat wasn't on yet. I even got hard-core steam in under a minute.
"A warning: you could burn yourself on this steam. It is intense and fast. I would not let the grandchildren use this one on steam setting. The automatic shutoff is handy, and the iron reheats incredibly fast when you return to the ironing board. I had no disruption of work and did not have to wait for the iron to reheat between quilting tasks.
"The only drawbacks for me is that it is a dark color, which makes it a little hard to read the water level setting, and the icons are small for my older eyes. But neither of those issues is a deal breaker for me.
"It also has the easiest to use pour spout I ever encountered.
"This is a fantastic iron for this price point. I spent far more for less."

Sometimes people comment on the reviews and they’re almost always positive or at least constructive. I was startled this afternoon when a guy from New Jersey named Garrett J. O’Keefe wrote this:

Grandma using a term "price-point"?? The point has a "brilliant taper"?? "Relaxed the wrinkles"?? Almost had me with the "I wouldn't let the grandchildren use it on the steam setting", but Gotcha "grandma"!! Another phony review!

I looked his profile up and noticed that he has reviewed a whopping nine products on Here’s my reply:

"Grandma" is a 52-year-old newspaper editor with a vocabulary that apparently surprises you. She can also ride a motorcycle and handle a pistol or a shotgun and has been published in quilting magazines. I find your comments presumptuous and insulting. And I can assure you that this is a legitimate review. If you read more of my 357 reviews, you'll find plenty of instances where I recommend against buying products.

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