Wednesday, September 02, 2015

SpinRite at work

spin rite maria

Maria’s laptop computer went all wonky this evening. Windows 7 spent several minutes trying to sort things out, but didn’t seem interested in launching Windows when it restarted.

I’ve had great results with Steve Gibson’s SpinRite. It rescued my 1TB hard drive in November, 2011 when I was afraid all was lost and it continues to work (knock on wood) today. Maybe I should run SpinRite on it as a maintenance measure…

Anyhow, I set Maria’s laptop up to boot from the CD drive, loaded SpinRite and put it to work on two segments of the hard drive that have significant data. It’s doing the smaller segment that represents about 2% of the drive data right now and will probably finish that job in about 20 minutes. Then it will work on the remaining 98%, which will probably take all night.

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