Monday, September 28, 2015

New iPhones

iphone 5 6

The new iPhone 6s became available last Friday, which means the price of the remaining examples of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus dropped by $100.

Maria and I went to the Sprint store on her lunch hour expecting to be in and out with new phones in short order.

We were out of there sooner than expected because the two young women working there insisted that the low cost of new phones by signing a new two-year contract was no longer available. The only way we could get new phones would be to pay insanely high prices up front or agree to add about $70 a month to our already exorbitant monthly bill for two years.

We had more questions than they had answers, so we drove across the street to the Best Buy store where a helpful Air Force veteran named Randal told us, yes, Sprint is phasing out the two-year contract deal.

But, he discovered, it’s not quite gone and he signed us up and gave us the deal we’d wanted. Maria got a 16GB iPhone 6 and I got a 64GB iPhone 6. Yes, the iPhone 6s is cool, but not that cool to us.

The iPhone 5 is on the left and the iPhone 6 is on the right in the photo above.

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