Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thursday morning report

dozing doraWe had a wonderfully calm evening with our dogs on the couch last night as Morgan and her bulldog Samantha spent the first night in more than six months back in their own home.

Jack and Dora have had to spend their evenings out on the porch while Sam was here because the mix of the three dogs in the living room is just too chaotic for TV watching or hanging out.

Jack and Dora settled down after a few minutes of frantic dashing around with stolen toys and socks. By the time we were ready for bed, Jack was sound asleep on the carpet at our feet and Dora was dozing between us on the couch. We’ve missed spending time with them and I’m sure they missed us, judging from the way they would stare at us longingly through the kitchen and living room windows that face the porch.

Morgan came to live with us after a June 5 flood caused by a ruptured toilet supply line which coincided with a hellacious windstorm that destroyed significant portions of her back yard fence and her roof.

She’s spent the last couple of months painting and putting the finishing touches on the interior and moved back in yesterday.

In other business:

My iTunes library finally finished uploading to the Amazon cloud, so I can now stream all 11,539 songs on my iPhone without giving up any of the phone’s 32GB of memory. The process took the better part of three days.

Now I have more room for apps.

I have a fairly substantial to-do list this morning that includes shipping a couple of yards of fabric we sold on Ebay and checking our post office box for mail and purchases, picking up a prescription at the Sam’s Club pharmacy, hitting the new Kroger Marketplace for a gallon of milk and anything else that strikes my fancy, and maybe getting to the fitness center to work out for the first time since Thanksgiving.

I must be off.

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