Monday, December 29, 2014

CNN has gone crazy again

CNN’s executives apparently didn’t learn anything from their idiotic wall-to-wall coverage of the Malaysian airliner disappearance earlier this year.

They droned on and on and on for weeks, ignoring other stories, to tell us minute-by-minute that there was nothing new to report.

And now they’re repeating their ratings killing blunder with the disappearance of an AirAsia airliner.

Hour after hour of “expert” panelists are being asked inane questions about things they can’t possibly know.

If I were an advertiser on CNN, I’d have some very serious concerns about buying commercial time on a network that just about nobody is watching.

There were no Americans aboard the AirAsia plane, so there’s nobody involved that American viewers can identify with. No relatives in Muncie, Indiana to interview, no hand-wringing tearful wife in Albany, New York to show us.

It is beyond me why they can’t just move on to other stories and come back to this one if and when there is a new development.

This obsession with missing airplanes is not news. It’s embarrassing and tedious and terrible TV.

I keep waiting for someone to speculate there were snakes on the plane.

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