Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fusion Media reconsidered

fusion media

It’s been almost two weeks since we started having problems with Fusion Media – first it was our Internet connection, then it was cable TV.

We were beyond frustrated until yesterday when Maria found the Fusion Media Facebook page with the information we needed to start getting back to normal with our TV reception.

Turns out we needed to re-scan with our digital TVs to reacquire the new digital channels.

A neighbor sent me this message today:

A lady associated with the current owner of Fusion Media clued me into some recent history this morning. Dr. Marc Monte, Oncologist at Clopton Clinic purchased the company within the past year. (I'm not sure the specific date of acquisition.)

Assume that's about the time when we received the first letter stating upgrades on the horizon. The doctor invested an considerable amount to complete this endeavor.

Well, the operating manager at that time … was released from his duties. In the past ninety days "Chris" was hired as the manager.
From the posts I have read on Fusions' FB page Chris appears determined to solve our problems. But it takes a while to clean up a train wreck! I wonder if Dr. Monte has the fortitude to go all the way.

I re-scanned the channels yesterday afternoon and was delighted to see much of the old lineup, now in high-def digital.

I just did another re-scan before I came up to the office this afternoon and am eager to see what’s been added.

It’s heartening to see that a genuine effort it being made to give us the service we’ve been paying for. I just hope they don’t go broke in the process.

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