Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brain fade

I got the December rent check in yesterday’s mail from one of the tenants in our downtown office building.

I also received a light bill from the electric utility for a security light that illuminates the back of said building. A whopping $6.22 a month.

I dutifully wrote a check, tore off the return portion of the light bill and stuck it and the check into the appropriate envelope and affixed a stamp.

Then I shredded the extra part of the light bill and before I realized what I was doing, I put the tenant’s rent check into the shredder.

Oh, shit!

I reversed the shredder about halfway through the process and backed the check out, but it was damaged beyond retrieval.

Happily, our tenants are responsible, friendly people and it probably didn’t hurt that I had dropped off a holiday tray of cheese, meat and crackers at their office the morning previous.

They contacted their home office in Memphis and I received a replacement check in this morning’s mail. I took it directly to the bank and did not shred it.

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