Friday, December 05, 2014

Could be worse


A multi-acre tract at the northwest corner of Pine Log Road and U.S. 49 sold earlier this year and land clearing commenced earlier this fall.

The workers torched three burn piles of trees and brush this week and they’re smoldering and smoking this morning after last night’s rain.

There is no signage to indicate what will be there, but my neighbor Tony, whose property backs up to part of the tract, tells me he heard it will be “mini storage buildings.”

Since this is right next to the entrance to our little wooded subdivision, most of us would have preferred that it remain woolly and undeveloped, but a storage facility won’t generate much traffic or noise and may be a useful landmark for people looking for the turnoff on U.S. 49 to get to our house.

Tony opined it’s preferable to a tattoo/body piercing joint and I can think of any number of commercial uses that would be worse.

Besides, we may need a handy place to store stuff someday.

Like, for instance, our lawn tractor could winter there, freeing space in the garage.

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