Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sean’s new domain

sean sauvie

My son Sean moved into his new home/studio/recording resort on Sauvie Island over the weekened and looks pretty pleased with the situation.

Sauvie Island is northwest of downtown Portland, Ore. and lies between the Willamette and Columbia rivers.

sauvie mapHere’s how he describes it, noting that he has long had a “vision/ambition to rent a house suitable for recording albums and having musicians stay during their projects. The most ideal version of this is a place with a lot of room and a little extra 'wow' factor, which will allow me to attract more out-of-town artists even from NYC and LA.  Well, that most ideal version is coming to pass!”

His amazing new place is only about 20 minutes from downtown.

“It's exactly everything I need it to be: the rent is reasonable, lots of room(s), a beautiful setting, loads of personality. I'll be charging $400/day for people to record there with me - and that includes lodging. So it's an amazing deal for them, and it works out great for me. (The rule-of-thumb for studios is you should conservatively be able to meet your operating costs with about ten booked days per month, so I'll be in good stead).” 

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