Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Only two pins in 2013

rally pin collection

My motorcycle rally season is over.

I had high hopes for the 2013 riding season when I opened it with a ride to Daytona Beach Bike Week in early March.

My calendar was blocked out with dates set aside for the European Riders Rally in Burkesville, Ky. in May; the BMW RA Rally in Asheville, N.C. in June; the BMW MOA Rally in Salem, Ore. in July; the BMW Riders Association of the Mid-South RAMS Rally in Parkers Crossroads, Tenn. the first weekend in October, and the Falling Leaf Rally the second weekend in October in Potosi, Mo.

But diabetic gastroparesis kept me home from Burkesville and Asheville and cash flow problems arising from Maria’s liberation from an abusive employment situation killed my plans for Oregon, which included a visit to my son Sean in Portland.

Lack of interest struck the RAMS Rally from the list, but I did make it to Potosi last weekend.

So counting Daytona and Falling Leaf, I only added two rally pins to my collection (see photo above).

Maria is encouraging me to consider one last rally near Lafayette, La. in the coming weeks, but I’m not keen on a 5-hour ride to spend the weekend without any friends present.

So I’ll stop whining and start thinking about the 2014 riding season. I already have plans to ride to Daytona again with Charlie Parsons, which sounds like a very good start.

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