Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Foiling a computer scam and getting healthier

I just got a call from some guy in India claiming to be with Microsoft and telling me there is something seriously wrong with my computer.

He was obviously in some kind of call center where I could hear other conversations going on. He ended up passing me to his "supervisor" who wanted me to go to the Start Menu in Windows.

I’m sure he would eventually directed me to some web site that allowed him to take control of my computer and do all kinds of nefarious stuff, but that's when I told him to fuck off and hung up.

But on a brighter note, I had a routine checkup with my doctor this afternoon and he is much encouraged by improvements in my blood pressure and weight as a consequence of regular workouts at the St. Bernards Wellness facilities.

I’m down about 20 pounds from this time last year and we’re starting to talk about cutting back on all of the medications I’m taking for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

I’m at 229 pounds and he figures if I can get to 180 I’ll be at my optimum weight.

I started wearing the electronic pedometer a week ago tomorrow morning. It tells me I’ve taken 26,033 steps, covered 12.32 miles, and burned 17,689 calories since I got up last Wednesday morning.

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