Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The 1980 Janitor Calendar

janitor january

This is “Forgy” who was among the more colorful janitors at Washington State University in 1979 when Mark Moore and Bob Coronado created the 1980 Janitor Calendar.

Forgy was Mr. January.

I haven’t been able to turn up any information on what became of Coronado, but Moore went on to a distinguished career in film. Here’s a biography from IMDb:

Mark Moore grew up in Washington State. Before he entered Graduate school, Mark made the "1980 Janitor Calendar." He photographed a number of the more colorful Janitor's working at Washington State University.

He talked the University Press into publishing the calendar so the University could distribute the calendar to the Staff and Faculty. In return, he received copies of his calendar without paying for the printing.

He sent a cover letter and a copy of the calendar to every major Museum and Gallery in the United States. The cover letter asked the curator to give the calendar to the janitor of the museum or gallery, and asked that it be hung on their Janitor's room Wall for the Year of 1980.

After this was done, Mark contacted every major art critic and art magazine writer to visit the nearest art museum or art gallery of their choice and ask to see the calendar on the janitor's room wall.

Upon Completion of his Master’s Degree (Master of Fine Arts) in 1986 at WSU, Mark moved to Los Angeles.

Mark contributed to the growth and success of a small film production company, which was nominated for several Emmys and winning a Prime Time Emmy for "The Last Halloween" (1992) a CBS-TV/Hanna-Barbera Production. Working on all aspects of production projects from models, miniatures, producing, editing, visual effects and motion control, as well as working with camera, lighting and grip, he learned all aspects of production, which he took with him as he freelanced as a producer, producing several projects and feature films. Building a reputation for himself, Mark was asked to head up Physical Production at Digital Domain a new start-up visual effects company in Venice, Calif. Digital Domain (1993) was the brainchild of Scott Ross (ex-president of ILM) (Gorge Lucas's Industrial Light and Film), Stan Winston (a multi Academy award Visual Effect Director) and the third co-founder, James Cameron, (the Director of "Terminator," "Abyss," and "Alien. At Digital Domain some of the projects he oversaw were "True Lies,” "Apollo 13," "The Fifth Element," "Dante's Peak," "Interview with the Vampire" and Titanic" and many many other projects like "Terminator 2 3D" and Michael Jackson's "Ghost," the most expensive music video every made- 23 Minutes long – $23 million  and many commercials and music videos like the Rolling Stones "Love is Strong."

As Mark expanded his reach and joined Walt Disney (1997) as head of the Physical Production; he oversaw the Visual Effect for "Armageddon" directed by Michael Bay (Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys). Currently Mark works as a Professor in the Film Department at two local Universities. Chapman University at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, and The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles. Mark continues to work in the Film Industry, mentoring his students, collaborating with Movie Industry Professional such ASC (American Society of Cinematographers), SAG (Screen Actors Guild), DGA (Directors Guild), WGA (Writers Guild), IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, and major vendors like Panavision, Mole Richardson, Rosco Int'l, Steadicam/Tiffin, J.L. Fisher and Chapman Leonard. Mark has had a long career working as a Cinematographer, Producer, Specializing in Visual Effects. Mark has collaborated with many Directors including Stan Winton, Albert Pyun, Spike Lee, Tony Scott, Michael Bay, John Glen, Neil Jordan, Roger Donaldson, Ron Howard, David Fincher, John Frankenheimer Kathryn Bigalow and James Cameron.

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