Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meet the new mug, (not the) same as the old mug


Last Sunday was “Mug Day” for members of the Boscos Mug Club at Boscos Squared in Memphis. That’s the day new and renewed Mug Club members receive their mugs for 2013, which will spend the next year in racks above the bar, waiting for their owners to come in and have a beer at a reduced price. If you were a member in 2012, you get to take your 2012 mug home on that day.

boscos_0005[4]I was unable to attend last Sunday because we were in Indiana, so I drove down to Memphis this afternoon to meet my new mug.

Maybe I’ll grow to like it after I have a taste of Hop God Ale. One of the guys drinking at the bar opined that it looks like something from his grandmother’s kitchen. Maybe something to pour gravy out of. That’s not exactly high praise.

At least the first mug of Midtown Brown was free.

The 2012 mug, with its Mayan calendar motif, was a brilliant design and a very hard act to follow. Mine now resides in my stein collection display case here in my upstairs office.

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