Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

leinenkugelWe cruised the newish Walmart Supercenter in Lebanon, Ind., Friday evening.

The visit was ostensibly to pick up disposable plates, cups and plasticware for my in-laws’ Golden Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, and I was shopping for a wireless router so my in-laws could have Wifi at home.

At one point, we found ourselves in the beer, wine and liquor department. Earlier that evening, we’d had dinner with my stepson’s girlfriend and her parents at an Applebee’s where I got my first taste of Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter.

(After five years in Arkansas, living in a dry county, finding booze at Walmart seemed deliciously, wonderfully sinful.)

So when Maria pointed out a 12-pack of the stuff, I naturally had to buy it.

Here’s what Leinenkugel says about it:

Introducing Leinenkugel’s® Snowdrift Vanilla Porter™. Where roasted malts and real vanilla reveal layers of cocoa, coffee and caramel. With its creamy body and smooth finish, Snowdrift Vanilla Porter makes winter easy to drift into. Available November 1st - January 31st.

I like it. I really like it. I just had my first of the evening and, when I finish this blogpost, I’m going downstairs to have another.

I will, of course, need more to get through the winter – or at least to the Mayan apocalypse next month. I hope my favorite liquor stores have the good sense to stock it.

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