Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bring on the apocalypse

I thought I’d never have another miserable morning on the scale of the day after the 2008 election.
I was wrong.
The feeble-minded and the corrupt have done more damage than they can possibly know and we all get to suffer for it.
Stupid. Mother. Fuckers.
All day today I’ve looked searchingly into strangers’ faces and tried to guess how they voted. Some were pretty obvious, others not.
And I unfriended a former Indianapolis News coworker on Facebook after she gloated about Obama’s reelection. She was stupid in the 1980s and she’s still stupid today.
And, to make it a little worse, my Mr. Coffee coffee maker died this morning. I lasted almost six years to the day, which I guess is pretty good for Third World craftsmanship.
Since I’m heavily invested in Mr. Coffee filters, I went to Target and found a comparable machine for $29.99. But when the cashier scanned it, it came up $49.99. WTF? I went back to the display area and confirmed there was another in a box just like it on a shelf labeled $29.99. It was different from the $29.99 display model above it, but there were no other examples of the display model.
Fuck you, Target.
So I went to Walmart and found the $49.99 Target coffee maker for $34.99. I bought it and am now trying to calm myself with coffee and Wifi at Panera.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I discovered my bank hit me with a $217 overdraft charge yesterday afternoon, even though I covered the shortfall first thing yesterday morning. Turns out I trusted the online data to be current and had no clue that our mortgage check cleared Monday afternoon.
My one glimmer of happiness today came when I appealed the overdraft charge on the grounds that the bank touts its online data as current, when it isn’t. So the overdraft charge was waived.
I like a bank you can reason with.