Friday, November 02, 2012

My prediction for the End of the World

Keeping in mind that my predictions never come true, the best way I know to assure this won’t happen is to go on record as predicting it.

That said, I predict the End of the World will occur seven weeks from today – on Dec. 21.

The most likely scenario: a solar flare that, at the worst, cooks us all with intense radiation or, at the least, destroys all of our electronics and takes us back technologically to the mid-1800s.

Other scenarios:

  • A massive volcanic eruption, possibly the Yellowstone Caldera, but maybe somewhere else, that obscures the sun worldwide for decades.
  • A meteor impact that likewise throws enough dust into the atmosphere to block the sun for decades.
  • A pandemic that wipes out all or most of the human population.

These are natural occurrences that could conceivably have been foretold by the architects of the Mayan calendar.

But there is always the nuclear holocaust scenario. Or an earth-eating black hole created by the super-collider in Switzerland.

This makes Christmas shopping a real act of faith, doesn’t it?

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