Monday, November 12, 2012



Irked because her freezer kept frosting up, our friend Susan decided she needed a new freezer and offered her old one to us.

Our Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator has long been a source of frustration because of its limited freezer capacity that forces us to jam stuff in so tight that it becomes a major project to locate and dig out any particular item that we think may still be in there.

We’ve talked about getting a freezer and were close to pulling the trigger at Sam’s Club on a small chest-type unit about a month ago, but Maria prefers an upright freezer for ease of access.

We helped Susan load her old freezer onto a trailer and she hauled it over to our house yesterday morning. It’s a honkin’ big 20 cubic foot Imperial commercial freezer that won’t win any prizes for its appearance, but should suit our needs perfectly.

I determined it needs a new $80 door gasket. After viewing a few how-to videos on YouTube, I realized I could probably do the gasket replacement myself, but I decided to call our appliance repair guys instead because I want an expert to give it a once-over to check for other problems.

We’re on standby for tomorrow, but it’s more likely the repair guy will come on Wednesday.

Now maybe we can do some serious business with our beef rancher neighbor.

In the meantime, our garage – which is still a work in progress – is looking more organized by the day with the addition of a wall full of storage shelves and the reorganization of boxes.

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