Thursday, November 01, 2012

Rave review for my steins


I mentioned I had a couple of lidded, half-liter WWII German steins with an R11 BMW motorcycle on them when I visited Craig Vechorik’s shop in Sturgis, Miss., on Tuesday and, as requested, emailed him some photos yesterday.

His response:

I have never seen such a thing!   WOW!!!!!  With BMW R11's on them.   Won't sell one, will ya? 

If I ever decided to part with one, he’ll be the first to know.

The one on the left was a WWII bring-back from my first father-in-law, who was a captain in the 144th Field Artillery Group, ending the war near Berchtesgaden. The other was an Ebay purchase in the late 1990s.

Both are named to sergeants in the same motorcycle unit that trained in Munich in 1937, so they almost certainly knew each other.stein03

These were also produced in the one-liter size, one of which is in the possession of a fellow collector in Indiana.

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