Monday, June 04, 2012

The sound of one dog barfing

Our neighbor, whose dog was killed a few months ago in a one-sided encounter with a motor vehicle, came over yesterday with what was left of the dead dog’s food.

We accepted his offer and he dumped it on the ground next to the gate of our chain link backyard fence.

Pete and Jack, always eager for a new taste, went after it and grazed on it off and on the rest of the day.

Flash forward to 12:20 a.m. when we were awakened by Jack whimpering in his bedroom kennel and pacing within the cramped space. When I let him out to go outside, I saw why – he had barfed in the kennel.

It was raining at the time and warm, so I decided to let the dogs spend the rest of the night on the back porch. Maria and I carried the barfy kennel through the garage to the driveway where I would hose it out later in the day.

I was awakened again about 3:45 a.m. by a nearby crash of thunder. Realizing that Pete has a terror of thunderstorms, I decided to take pity on him and let him inside. Jack seemed content to stay on the porch.

When I brought Jack into the house about 8:30 a.m., he seemed only mildly interested in a duck-flavored treat and ignored the food in his kitchen kennel bowl. A few minutes later I noticed him retching and moved to hustle him outside. Instead, he ran past me and barfed on the edge of the living room carpet and the hardwood foyer floor.

Our Aussies seem to have sensitive digestive systems and the inheritance from Buddy next door just doesn’t sit well with Jack. I scooped up as much of it as I could with a shovel and flung it beyond the fence and out of the dogs’ reach.

In the meantime, my spider bites appear to be healing nicely and it seems highly unlikely that I was attacked by the dreaded brown recluse spider.

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