Friday, June 01, 2012

150 miles for service

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - I’m at Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles this morning for a 6,000 mile service on my ‘03 K1200GT.
It was a brisk 58 degrees when I rolled out of my garage about 6:20 a.m. Early morning rides to the north or the east usually involve the discomfort of riding into the blinding just-risen sun, but I was spared that inconvenience by a cloud deck that persisted all the way to I-55 and then some.
I stopped for a breakfast parfait and coffee at the Kennett, Mo., Mc Donald’s, then pressed on. Ordinarily, I would expect the morning to warm up but I found I was riding deeper into the cold front that swept across the Mid-South last night and it was only 55 when I reached Cape Girardeau.
Happily, the Grass Roots folks had the coffee pot on.
I’m hopeful that today’s service will solve my ABS warning light problem. The warning lights continued to flash after restarts at Kennett and when I gassed at Boomland at Exit 80 on I-55. I noticed a few days ago that the brake fluid level in the rear brake reservoir was at or slightly below the MIN mark and was chagrined that I hadn’t thought to check that possibility much earlier. I opted not to top it off, so as to give the Grass Roots guys an uncluttered view of the problem if more brake fluid doesn’t cure it. I’ve seen no sign of leaking brake fluid, so it’s a mystery to me where it’s going. With luck, we’ll have an answer today.

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