Monday, June 04, 2012

In which I vent my spleen over a Facebook group

Most of my newspaper career was spent at The Indianapolis News.

I began my career at The News on Feb. 6, 1967 and was with the paper all the way up to its untimely death at the age of 130 on Oct. 1, 1999 at the hands of Gannett bean counters.

We were the largest evening daily in Indiana and our only real competition was our sister paper, The Indianapolis Star, which was the largest morning daily in the state.

The Star had a much larger staff, but compared with my colleagues at The News, they were mostly lazy and lackluster. Many of my friends and I were fiercely partisan and were bitterly resentful of the fact that the circulation department worked much harder to promote The Star than they did The News.

With the demise of The News, I and lots of other News refugees, ended up working for The Star. I hated it. I hated being associated with a newspaper I had competed against for nearly 30 years and I took early retirement in October, 2000.

I was pleased when a News alumnus started a Great Hoosier Daily (the nickname of The News) group on Facebook, but I was irked and dismayed when I noticed former Star people joining the group.

Lately, the posts have been mostly by Star people about Star people. I’m sorry a former Star staffer is in the hospital, but I don’t want to read about it in a group dedicated to the Great Hoosier Daily because she never worked there. And neither did most of the people keeping us updated on her condition.

So there.

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