Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Banishing the beard


shave01I shave off my beard every six or seven years or so, usually because I’ve forgotten what I look like shaven.

This morning, it was because I’ve the skin under my beard has become dry and irritated, so I’m giving it a chance to air out.

Happily, Maria was home long enough to make a photographic record of this rare event.

I think I look a little jowly, but I guess that comes with age. I think I look younger than my dad did at 66 and 11 months.

My face feels funny. I can feel a breeze from the ceiling fan here in my upstairs office.


Anonymous said...

John, I think you look great. Love the all white hair and I do think you look younger. I don't remember your Dad ever having all white hair and I know my Dad did not have it for sure. But their father, our Grandfather, had snow white hair. Wish mine was, then I would "match" my wife who is completely white headed. But as for the beard...it is staying....I am just too lazy to shave every day. Thanks for the blog, I enjoyed it. Erici

Lauri Shillings said...

BLaaaahhhhck! You're Nekkid! LOl