Sunday, June 03, 2012

File this under “It’s Always Something”

We spent about three hours in the St. Bernards Hospital ER last night, mostly waiting, because I woke up yesterday morning with a couple of nasty spider bites on my left thigh.

I’ve been bitten in my sleep a couple of times before in the past month or so and the bites healed after a few days of swelling and itching.

But the most severe of yesterday’s bite sites developed a large blister and an angry look that had us wondering if we didn’t have a brown recluse spider lurking in the bedroom.

The physician’s assistant said it might be a brown recluse bite and prescribed antibiotics and steroids.

Considering the horrific appearance of brown recluse bites as pictured online, I’m inclined to think it was the non-recluse spider that crawled out from under our bed and died after we hosed the area down with Raid spider spray.

At any rate, I was not bitten again last night and yesterday’s bites look better today.

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tree hugging sister said...

Dang! Thank goodness you went STRAIGHT top the proper authorities for such matters. I once spent three days in a japanese hosptial waiting for my forehead to subside after a spider bite. It had swollen and dropped down over my eyeballs. Alarming and forced to depend on Navy medicine on TOP of it... O_o