Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tuesday afternoon report

I just clicked the “Send” button to submit the special section story that has copjacketfrontbedeviled me and stolen my time for the last week.

You cannot imagine the feeling of relief – the palpable sensation of a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders.

I’d go for a motorcycle ride in the balmy 70 degree afternoon weather, but I need to high-tail it down to the newspaper office and help with the copy editing chores.

The bright spot of my week so far was the arrival yesterday afternoon of the leather German motorcycle police jacket I bought at SportsmansGuide.com. I’ve copjacketbackbeen hankering for a black leather jacket I could use for casual wear and the style of this gently used jacket knocked me out. It’s a German XL and is a little snug, but I have serious weight loss ambitions.

It also has the word POLIZEI emblazoned across the back in retroflective material. That makes it even cooler in my judgment, but definitely marks me as eccentric and could annoy cops. My BMW riding friend Charlie Parsons has a complete German Polizei green riding ensemble, similarly marked, that he wears on special occasions like parades and benefit rides, along with a genuine German police motorcycle helmet. This hardly puts me one up on him, but it gets me into the game.


Anonymous said...

Hey what's your chest size? Or alternatively what is the pit to pit of the XL? COOL jacket. Thanks for the heads up!

The Oracle said...

Chest size is 48" and gut size is 52" and the jacket measures 23" pit to pit.
I can zip it up, but it's snug.