Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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dortmunderquarterliterI threw a “what the hell” $5 bid at this quarter-liter stein on Ebay the other day and ended up winning the auction because nobody else wanted it. Whatever. It’s the first quarter-liter stein in my collection.
The German language version of Wikipedia has an article on this brewery, but the online translator leaves much to be desired. See what I mean?
The animal was brewing on 2 July 1854 from the Dortmund merchants Wilhelm von Hovel, Henry Gustav animal and sunshine as a "brewery Hoevel, animal & Co." was founded. The founding of the brewery beast was seen as a consequence of the introduction of the lager brewing process, the Dortmunder Export . In 1875 the family took the entire company shares animal.
After the death of Gustav animal in 1883 the company was young, first by his son Gustav animal. and led the son of Ludwig Freiherr mirror and Peckelsheim. The brewery was renamed the "beast Brewery & Co.". 1888 took the Dortmund entrepreneur Joseph Cremer , the company.
The animal-brewery became involved early on in the sports sponsorship . The local athletics club and former handball Bundesliga club Dortmund OSC temporarily led the animal names OSC Dortmund. In 1992, the takeover of the Dortmunder Thier brewery was carried out by the local competitors Dortmunder Kronen brewery private . In 1996 this was due to the Radeberger group owned joint-stock brewery in Dortmund (DAB) taken. Production was moved to the location of the DAB in the north of Dortmund. A brand of beer "Thier Pils" brewed up today by the joint-stock brewery in Dortmund and bottled.
The administration building and the production of animal-brewery were within the former ramparts of the city of Dortmund. The administration building at Hiltropwall is currently used by the city of Dortmund. The ground floor has a restaurant (Hövels Brewery) until today, the beer is brewed Hövels original. The underlying production building in 2009 for the new buildings of the animal-gallery , a shopping center of the ECE project management demolished.
Animal? I’m at a total loss to know what word is being mis-translated as “animal.” But the gist of it is that the brewery, founded in 1854, has been absorbed by Dortmunder Actien-Braurei (DAB).

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