Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jack goes to puppy school


Jack will be six months old next week, so we decided it was time for him to go to puppy school.

He had his first session this morning and was a little calmer than I expected, considering that he’s been a wild terror most of the time.

We worked on training with a clicker and teaching him to focus with mixed, but encouraging results. He is one of six dogs in the class, ranging in size from a miniature poodle to a great Dane. He seems to be most friendly/interested in Cowboy, a miniature red merle Aussie with piercing white eyes who lives on a farm a few miles from us. Who knows? Maybe we’ll arrange a play date for them.

I haven’t weighed Jack lately, but he’s about a tall as Pete and probably weighs around 45 pounds.

The classes meet Saturday mornings for the next five weeks at a local pet supply store and the instructor is the kind of woman who exudes a quiet confidence and patience.

We also have the contact information for a local woman who trains Aussies for agility competition, an activity that would also promote human fitness.

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