Saturday, February 11, 2012

Never underestimate an Aussie


Maria was downstairs getting ready to go to the office this morning when she called up the stairway to the upstairs office where I was working to ask if I heard water running.

No, I said, and she opined that it might be the heat pump.

About 20 minutes later, she said she was sure she heard water running and it sounded like it was from the spigot on the back of the house between our two OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbedroom windows.

I went outside to check and, sure enough, Jack the Aussie pup has figured out how to turn on the water and was merrily playing in it. The temperature is 25 degrees and he had ice in his fur from his adventure. And naturally, he had to jump up on me with muddy paws, proving that there is nothing friendlier than a wet dog.

I turned off the spigot, making sure it was tightly closed, but now that he knows how it works this may not be over.

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