Saturday, February 18, 2012

Barbecued and fried bologna sandwich!


Maria’s daughter in Arizona somehow got wind of a barbecue restaurant in Memphis that serves barbecued and fried bologna sandwiches on white bread, garnished with their own mustard slaw.

So we rounded up our local BMW motorcycle friends Deb and Charlie and headed for Memphis and Payne’s Bar-B-Q for lunch today.

A drug deal was going down in the parking lot as we pulled into Payne’s, a former garage/service station. Once inside, we surveyed a medium-size dining area with maybe nine tables. Heat came from a row of electric space heaters along the back wall of the dining area.

I opted for the pulled pork sandwich plate with beans and mustard slaw on the side. Maria went for the ribs plate and a bologna sandwich which she shared with the rest of us.

I wasn’t that impressed with the bologna sandwich, but it should be noted that the TLC TV network featured the sandwich on the "Sensational Sandwiches" episode of its "Best Food Ever" show.

Michael Donahue, writing on the web site reported:

On my last visit to Payne's, I ran into another friend, Markus McNeil, who is now in culinary school at L'École Culinaire. I asked him what he was ordering. "Just some bologna," he said.

His dad told him about Payne's barbecue bologna 10 years ago. McNeil now eats two Payne's barbecue bologna sandwiches a week.

Deb and Charlie are certified barbecue contest judges and know their barbecue. Charlie opined that it would have been better without the sauce and they both agreed with me that the sauce is too heavy on vinegar. That said, it was a tasty lunch and a fun culinary adventure.

Afterward, we adjourned to Boscos for dessert and libations.



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