Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend catch-up

325309_10150595493991005_614296004_11244375_1172186370_oWe had a delightful brunch yesterday with Indiana friend Jim Shillings at Boscos in Memphis.
Jim’s company sends him to their facilities in Olive Branch, Miss. occasionally. We had hoped to hook up when he was there in December, but finally made it happen yesterday. Even after four years here, our intimate social circle is pretty small and he and his wife Lauri are among our closest friends so it was a time for fun, witty, edgy conversation.
A powerful storm front swept through last night, spawning large hail and tornadoes in the southeast part of the state, but it only amounted to torrential rain and winds at our house. The power went out about 9:40. It didn’t bother Maria as she continued reading her novel on her Kindle Fire. I played a word game on my iPod for another half hour or so before we hit the sack. We were awakened about 12:30 a.m. when the power came back on, waking the dogs and inspiring them to want some backyard time.
I was up at 6:45 a.m. today to get the Lexus to the body shop by 7:30 to repair the rear-end damage done while on vacation in Indiana three weeks ago today. They’ll probably take a week to get everything sorted out. I’ll miss it, but with the del Sol and two motorcycles, I’ll stay mobile.
I watched Fox and Friends on Fox News while waiting for Maria to pick me up at the body shop and was startled to see longtime Carmel (Ind.) Mayor Jim Brainard in a remote panel discussion about unemployment along with the mayors of Fresno, Calif., and Mesa, Ariz. He sounded pretty thoughtful and reasonable this morning, although I came away puzzled that he was speaking in front of a background shot of London, featuring the Thames River, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It certainly didn’t look anything like Carmel. I exchanged emails with him Tuesday morning and learned he's in London working to attract British businesses to Indiana and Carmel.

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