Sunday, January 08, 2012

Excuses, excuses

I apologize for the lackluster posts of late.

This has been a chaotic period, what with traveling to Indiana and becoming embroiled in the drama of Maria’s ex’s dysfunctional family. As much as we want to insulate ourselves from that pack of crazies, we’re forever connected because her ex is, after all, her kids’ father.

His father, the kids’ paternal grandfather, died on Friday night as we made the 7½-hour drive to Indiana.

We made sure the kids were dressed to the nines for the visitation and the funeral where it was obvious to all – including the evil stepmother – that they were the rightful and true bearers of all that is good and noble in the family bloodline. Grandpa was a prominent farmer and the kids were swarmed by longtime family friends who wondered aloud what had become of them after their father abandoned them for his three new stepchildren.

It was a stressful few days, but the social success of the kids made it all worth it. They carried it off with dignity and poise and made us enormously proud.

Now that we’re home, I can turn my attention to getting the Lexus repaired as a consequence of my distracted backing into a steel signpost in an Indiana restaurant parking lot. The repair estimate is $2,775.44, but the cost to me is the $500 deductible. And, of course, the damage to my ego.

And now that the holidays are in our rear view mirrors, I can make good on my pledge to sign up with the St. Bernards Wellness & Fitness Center and get serious about weight loss and muscle tone.

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