Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bud Select? Horrible mistake.

I drove up to the county line beer store last evening – we live in a dry county, you know - because I thought it would be nice to have some beer BudSelwhile I watched the Alabama-LSU game.

I decided to try something new and bought a 12-pack of Budweiser Select. It was my first – and last – Budweiser Select purchase.

When I got home, I put 9 bottles into the fridge and poured three into a big liter-size glass Spaten mug. The first taste was uninspired and before long, drinking the stuff turned into a chore. By the time I gave up on the game, late in the fourth quarter, I’d only consumed about two-thirds of the liter. The rest went down the kitchen sink.

This is a Budweiser attempt at a low-calorie beer. It has a flat flavor and no character and I’ll never drink it again. I’ve never thrown beer away, but there is no way I’m gonna drink this swill and I couldn’t possibly serve it to guests.

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