Monday, January 16, 2012

Horrible, nasty, syrupy sweet wine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe drive over to Mr. T’s Riverside, just across the state line in Missouri, every now and then to raid their clearance wine selection.

Most of the time we find good, but underappreciated wines marked down to $5 a bottle.

The selection was sparse this time and the only red wine they had was Augusta River Valley Red “Missouri Table Wine.”

The Missouri origin should have been the tipoff. We bought a bottle of blackberry wine made my a local Missouri winery back in November when we were en route to Carthage, Mo. to buy a puppy. It was syrupy sweet and undrinkable.

Not wanting to stereotype Missouri wines, I imagined this “Missouri Table Wine” would be tasty, yet dry – kind of like a Chianti – so I bought three bottles of it.

I removed the twist-off cap from one bottle and poured a glass as soon as we got home.


It was sweet, nasty-sweet like the Mogen David swill my mother used to drink.

So until I get proof to the contrary, I’m going to assume all Missouri wines are undrinkably sweet and put Missouri on my wine boycott list along with France.

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